02 October 2006

Birbal’s Easy Answer

Akbar and Birbal
You know Raja Akbar and Birbal is no more.
But that is not correct.
They finished their term on this earth and gone.
While on earth, Akbar was the king and Birbal was the wisest Minister in his court.
But now they are in “Htrea+” a planet in the “Ralos System++”.
Never heard of these names? Ever head of the “Mirror World”? That is it.
There too they play the same role occasionally Akbar ss the Raja and Birbal as his Minister.

One day Akbar wanted to examine the smartness of Bitbal.
So he drew a line on the wall and asked Birbal to make it shorter without cutting, hiding or erasing the line. In short don’t touch the line.
Immediately Bribal drew another long line below the first line.
“Look. Your line is shorter now”, Birbal said with a smile.
“That is the old trick you played while we were on the Earth.” said Raja Akbar.
“Use your head else you may loose it for ever” warned Akbar.
“How short you want the line to become?” asked Birbal.
“Will you be able to shorten it to the length I prefer?” asked Akbar doubtfully.
“Yes. I can reduce it, I can expand it, even I can animate it” said Birbal confidently.
“Ok. Make it one inch long.” Said Akbar
“Go backward and stop when the line becomes as short as one inch.” Said Birbal
“To make it bigger, just come forward.” said Birbal and continued,” To animate the line just run backward and forward at a speed of 24 steps per second!”

+Htrea: The real world where we actually live. Our planet Earth got its name from this word only.
++Ralos System: Htrea is one of the Planets in the Ralos System

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