11 October 2006

Who Is Great, Whom To Praise.

News from “Htrea”.

One fine day, early morning, Akbar went in search of Birbal.
When both met, Akbar said,” Dear Birbal, something is really troubling my mind.”
“That is nothing new. Let me hear it first and I will solve it for you” said Birbal.
“While we were on the Earth people were always praising the wisdom of Birbal” said Akbar.
“Even now they read about those stories and speak high about you.” Akbar was on the verge of crying.
“I have done many good things for them.” said Akbar.
“Yes:” agreed Birbal.
“I was the best ruler in our Mughal Dynasty.” Akbar emphasized.
“No doubt” said Birbal.
“And under my rule the whole country prospered.” Akbar said proudly.
“That too correct” accepted Birbal.
“Is it my work or your witty answers which benefited them?” Akbar asked.
“Of course it is your great works” Birbal confessed.
“Then why everybody talk about Birbal’s wit and not about me or my great works?” asked Akbar,
” Even now they are doing the something,”Akbar continued, “Who is great, Akbar or Birbal?”
“Have you ever enjoyed the moonlight?” Asked Birbal
“Don’t you remember, many nights we sat in the garden and enjoyed the moonlight?” said Akbar.
“What about the sun? Have you ever sat outside and enjoyed the sun rays?” asked Birbal.
“How can we enjoy sun rays? On a hot day we even cursed the Sun.” said Akbar.
“But with out sun nothing will exist, including the moon” said Birbal.
“That is true but...” said Akbar.
“Which one is important? The Sun or the Moon?” asked Birbal
“The Sun” said Akbar
“Yes. The sun is important; without the sun we cannot live, even the moon cannot shine. But we never talk about the Sun but always praise the Moon.” Birbal continued, “You are the Sun and I am the Moon. Without you I have no existence.”
“Now I know who is great and whom we have to praise.” Said Akbar with a smile and walked away.