05 October 2006

Meditation: The Path To Eternal Truth

You may be waiting for me to reveal more about Htrea; The Mirror World.
Surely I will do it for you.
How we accrue knowledge?
By reading books written by learned men
By listening to their words.
How these people become learned men?
How they got all these information?
By thinking constantly
Through meditation. Meditating on a single topic.
Yes those people were always in search of something.
And one day they got get it.
Whatever they acquired, they never keep it as a secret within.
They came out and revealed it to the benefit of the mankind.
That is how we came to know about the unknown facts.
Bhagvan Bhuddha got it while meditating under the banyan tree.
What was he doing at that time? Meditating.
That everyone knew.
My question is what is one doing while meditating?
“Nothing. How can one do something while meditating? Meditation is doing nothing.”
If you think so then you are totally mistaken.
The real meditation is just getting detached from your surroundings, your body, your thoughts and your action.
“What is getting detached?”
How can one get detached from himself? Impossible.
It is the “Amta” that is getting detached.
When the “Amta” is locked inside the body, whether it is a human being or an animal or an insect, it cannot see nor communicate with others in Htrea: The Mirror World.
But through meditation one can free his “Amta” for sometime.
One may succeed to free the “Amta” from the body but it may still attached to the thoughts.
Someone may succeed in getting the “Amta” freed from their thoughts, but still it may be attached to the body.
Few others may get their “Amta” freed from the mind and body.
But it may still attach to their actions.
In all these cases, the “Amta” is not totally free.
So the “Amta” cannot see the other “Amtas” nor communicate with them.
Even “Htrea” is not reachable. But when the “Amta” is partially freed, it will get a dimmed view of “Htrea”. It can hear other “Amtas” talking in a faint voice.
The more you free, the more visible and clear it will become.
That is the TRUTH you are seeing! That is the TRUTH you are hearing.
Whatever you saw or heard will remain with you even after your “Amta” returns.
Once you experience this, even for a fraction of a second, you will get excited.
Some people, after experiencing it for less than a millisecond, will stop there and start talking about the ULTIMATE TRUTH! What they knew? Nothing. They never experienced the TRUTH. What they got was just an idea about “Amta” and the existence of an “Other World“.
That is enough and more to them. Not ready to try for more. They will immediately start thinking how they can convert it into “fame” and “money”. Their “Amta” never got freed from their thoughts and action.
Such people are there around us and we must identify them and reject them.

At first one may find it very difficult to meditate. Slowly by practice, one can learn how to meditate and free the “Amta” from body, Mind and Action.
It is not Bhagvan Buddha who alone done it. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have done it and even now doing it. Many of them are just common people only. If they can do it, why can’t you do it?

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