24 September 2006

Htrea: The Mirror World

Look at the mirror.
You will see yourself, your surroundings, everything there.
Is it a reflection?
No. It is the Mirror Image.
A Mirror Image is not the reflection at all.
The Mirror is just a peep hole to the “Mirror World”
Mirror world is in “Htrea” a planet in the “Ralos System” far, far away from our Solar System.
Everything on Earth is not there in Htrea.
Everything happen on Earth never happens in Htrea.
There something else is happening.
All the dead and gone are also there, but surely not the same form.
They are called Amta,
Each one is in charge of few mirrors.
If some one looks through one of these mirrors immediately he will create a replica in the Mirror World and the Amta will appear on the scene in your shape and form.
By creating a replica of your surrounding and the Amta imitating everything you do, you get an impression that it is just a reflection and nothing else.
Once you are on Earth you cannot see the other Amtas there nor communicate with them.
Which is real? This Earth or the Mirror world?
Both are real.
You go to school or office and come back in the evening.
You complete your studies and go to another college.
You get a transfer to a distant place and stay there for some time.
Which is your original place?
It is your home only.
Yes our real home is the Mirror World.
We live there happily. No school, no office, no hard work, it is like our imaginary heaven.
We come to Earth to play a game and will return to the Mirror World as and when our Amta decides.
Just think how we see a dream while we are asleep. The dream will abruptly stop the moment we wake up.
While we see the dream, it appears to us as real.
Here also it is the same.
Our Amta will decide when to stop playing on the Earth and return.
The way to return is to leave the body here and go.
We call it “Htaed”; the act of shedding the visible cover.
Once Htaed is over you will become invisible on earth. Only the Amta will remain.
If the Atma looks in to the mirror he will see the Htrea, The Mirror World and can return.
So Mirrors are the Entrance to the Htrea; The Mirror World.
This Earth is the play ground where Atmas from Htrea comes to play.

This is just an introduction to the Htrea; The Mirror World.
I will be revealing more and more about Htrea in coming days.
Please read on till you get a real picture of everything.
Once you get the complete picture you will stop feeling sad or unhappy.
You will enjoy every moment of this life on Earth even the saddest moments.
Because you know it is all just a Play!
See you tomorrow.

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