24 May 2018

Relevance of Classroom

Before I start talking about the relevance of classroom in the present day, let me first explain what a classroom is. In olden days classes were conducted under the shades of the trees. When we talk about classroom, the picture that comes to our mind is of the four walls of a room, few chairs and tables, a blackboard, a teacher and few students.  
As technology advances, more and more new gadgets were introduced to replace the old ones. For example, the e-learning board replaced the blackboard, Digital pen replaced the chalk, Charts and Maps got replaced by slideshows and PowerPoint presentations. Computers and projectors are also introduced to make teaching more interesting and effective. The teaching materials, the teaching methods, all changes. But not the concept of classroom.  
From the shop or from the internet we get a lot of educational programs  and tutorials which we can run on computer, tv or on tablet. We cannot depend only on such materials but such things can be used as an additional help to learn what we have already learned in the school or in the classroom.
The presence of a teacher in the classroom is very important. The grasping power of each student is different. The teacher understands this and takes the trouble to explain the same lesson again and again in different ways and in simple language so that everybody in the class including the weak students understands it clearly.  We always depend up on the teacher to get our doubts cleared and it helps in building our confidential level.
Among us, always there is a competitive spirit. Each one of us wants to do better than others in studies and in extracurricular activities. In a classroom atmosphere we get the chance to compare our ability and progress with that of others. The success of one student inspires others also.

In addition to textbook learning, the classroom atmosphere plays an important part in the character and personality development of us.  Automatically we learn Punctuality, Discipline, Cleanliness and good behaviour by attending the classes regularly.
In the classroom we  get a chance to interact with other students and learn many things from others. We gradually develop the ability to judge what is good and bad by interacting with other students. We enter in discussions, express our ideas, and listen to other’s ideas and opinions. By doing the classroom projects we learn the basics of teamwork.
Considering all these points, as a student, I strongly believe that the relevance of classroom is not diminishing but increasing day by day.